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Services Offered

Forest Zafran Consulting LLC offers short, project specific services as well as longer term partnership. Each of our engagements is customized for the client, allowing for the optimal combination of services that will best meet the client's goals. 

Professional Development & Staff Training

Recent projects:

  • Created and delivered restorative practices professional development for teachers and school support staff

  • Created and delivered project management training for research managers

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Project Management

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Recent projects:

  • Managed the planning and implementation of a three day skilled trades fair with over 100 exhibitors and attended by over 3,000 students

  • Developed a project management toolkit including templates for project plans, project meetings, and project role charts for a team of over 30 staff

Strategy Design & Implementation

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Recent projects:

  • Devised an evidence based, data informed strategy for re-engaging youth who have left school and are at highest elevated predicted risk of gun violence

  • Aligned a school's behavior, SEL, restorative practices, and mental health interventions to ensure a schoolwide, integrated, and holistic system for supporting students

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Collaborative Learning Networks

Recent projects:

  • Facilitation of a statewide restorative practices Professional Learning Community

  • Design and facilitate a learning community for nonprofit youth development and violence prevention program providers 

Data Measurement, Analysis, & Assessment

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Recent projects:

  • Advised nonprofits on data infrastructure for documenting program services

  • Coached schools on analyzing discipline, behavior, and restorative practices data

  • Created infographics and presentations that summarize programmatic data for diverse audiences

Consultation &
Technical Assistance

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Recent projects:

  • Developed a districtwide Administrator's guidebook for implementing supportive school discipline

  • Created a comprehensive grants management spreadsheet and system for a nonprofit

  • Consulted with a nonprofit Board to develop and implement governance best practices

  • Constructed and facilitated a restorative justice process for higher education students who engaged in harmful behavior

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