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Restorative justice in schools

Bold thinking.
Pragmatic solutions.
Tangible Outcomes.

Now accepting SY25 school and district partnerships!

We are obsessed with translating ideas, vision, and intentions into actionable strategies and deliverables; eliminating the theory practice gap between what an organization strives to achieve and what it actually does.

Areas of Expertise


Restorative Practices


Human Capital &
Talent Management


Project Management

Project Management Nonprofit


Strategic Planning &
Change Management

Change management nonprofit

Our Approach

We create psychologically safe space.

In order to ensure our solutions are relevant and impactful, we create psychologically safe space where our clients can honestly share challenges and lived experiences. It is through these authentic and vulnerable spaces that transformative change is enabled.


We listen closely. 

Once we ask you to share, we listen closely to what you are saying asking intentional, probing questions to truly understand the current circumstances. We believe that effective solutions should be driven by those most impacted and therefore what you tell us drives the solutions we create.


We leverage data. 


Data, in both its quantitative and qualitative forms, is always a key input into decision making, policy and program design, and understanding the impact of an organization. We ensure our clients aren't looking at long spreadsheets but rather data that tells a clear story and serves as a guide for data-informed decision making.


We make it tangible. 


While we love good ideas, frameworks, and theories our strength is adapting these theoretical concepts into concrete tools, standard operating procedures, and resources. Our services to clients always include something that the client can begin to utilize immediately- such as a resource guide, toolkit, manual, or templates.


We build organizational systems and structures. 


We believe organizational systems, policies, and procedures are the backbone of sustainable, equitable organizations. Systems, allow organizations to not be dependent on any one person, clarify expectations for success, and ensure all staff are given the information, training, and resources they need to succeed.

Our Commitment to DEI

A note on our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI): At FZC, our commitment to DEI is more than a belief, it's an action. A few of the ways you will experience our commitment to DEI:

  • We strive to use inclusive language and processes which mitigate structural power and enable equity of voice.

  • When designing solutions, we always center the experiences of those who will be most impacted by the solution, those who will need to operationalize the solution, and those with historical knowledge.

  • We engage in regular learning regarding DEI and will share resources, trends, and best practices. 

  • We utilize an asset based approach, drawing on the skills, experience, expertise, and knowledge of our client and those that they serve.

  • We recognize and value multiple types of intelligence, expertise, and data.

  • We hold a deep awareness of our own identities and the communities which we are a part of; using this awareness to guide which projects we are best positioned to take on.

  • We maintain a robust, diverse network of affiliate consultants and organizations with whom we can refer to or partner with when asked to design solutions and programs for communities which we are not a part of. 


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