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Nonprofits, Government & Philanthropy

We provide advisory and implementation services aimed at helping mission-driven organizations optimize their current strategies, launch new initiatives, and further align day to day work and operations with the organization's mission and values. Having served as frontline staff, supervisors, team leaders, senior executives, and board members at nonprofits and large government agencies, FZC consultants take a multidimensional, inclusive, cost-effective, and pragmatic approach to designing solutions. 

Strategic Planning

Conducting landscape analysis and stakeholder engagement to develop multiyear strategic plans.

Impact Measurement

Create strategy for measuring organizational impact, including data collection tools and cadence for analyzing and reporting on data.

Staff Training & Development

Customized training and staff development on topics such as people management, project management, facilitation,  and communication. 

Management Consulting

Solve organizational challenges and improve specific aspects of operations, programming, or strategy. 

Change Management

Develop technical and adaptive solutions that transform an organization's processes, policies, technologies, programs, or strategies.

Facilitation & Consensus Building

Facilitation of intra and interagency working groups, collaboratives, steering committees, and task forces. 

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