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Our Services

Forest Zafran Consulting LLC offers short, project specific services as well as longer term partnership. Each of our engagements is customized for the client, allowing for the optimal combination of services that will best meet the client's goals. 

Schools & Districts

We are a professional development provider, strategy consultant, capacity builder, and trusted advisor for both schools and districts that are committed to more equitably serving students. 

Nonprofits, Government & Philanthropy

We provide advisory and implementation services aimed at helping mission-driven organizations optimize their current strategies, launch new initiatives, and further align day to day work and operations with the organization's mission and values.

Human Resources

We collaborate with Human Resource professionals to create and maintain workplaces that are inclusive, people centered, and results driven.

Higher Ed &
Research Institutions

We partner with research institutions to shape public policy and develop and scale evidence based interventions.

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