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Human Resources

Handbooks, Policies, & Onboarding

Establish standard operating procedures for onboarding staff; create or update company handbooks and policy manuals. 

Performance Management

Development of systems, structures, policies, and tools that enable effective performance management.

Organizational Culture

Consult and advise on creating collaborative, trusting, inclusive, and results driven organizational culture. 

Conflict Resolution

Create and facilitate conflict resolution and management processes for individuals, teams, or organizations.

Staff Development

Craft one-time or ongoing staff development opportunities; build organizational infrastructure to deliver meaningful and consistent staff development.

Talent Acquisition

Build infrastructure for talent acquisition including hiring processes, interview protocols, and job offer templates.

We collaborate with Human Resource professionals to create and maintain workplaces that are inclusive, people centered, and results driven. We do this by building systems and tools, facilitating conflict resolution, and leading staff development and teambuilding.  

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